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Misadventures In Coding

Misadventures In Coding

How I've Been Compiling on Fedora

How I've Been Compiling on Fedora

Compiling is as easy as 1, 2, ...3?

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Caleb Mabry
·Sep 14, 2022·

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Originally, I was beginning to work on a larger C++ project that used QtCreator and the Qt Framework. Since I've only done Javascript, Python, and a little bit of Golang, I was pretty much in the dark! However, after a few days of reading, I realized that I should be able to get the ball rolling and create some smaller projects.

So I could very easily interact with and begin coding in C++, I scratched the idea of using an IDE currently and run everything from my terminal and Visual Studio Code. To go at a very basic level, ensure you install a compiler. A compiler is something that'll take the code you write and turn it into an executable. I've been using g++ and you should be able to install it by running sudo dnf install gcc-c++.

Now, for the fun part. After you've opened up Visual Studio Code, create a file titled main.cpp and paste the code below into it.

#include "iostream"

int main() {
    std::cout << "You've done it!\n";

Now that main.cpp exists and you've put code into it. Open your terminal and run g++ main.cpp -o myFirstProgram. This will create a runnable program called myFirstProgram. To run the program use the command ./myFirstProgram and you should get "You've done it!" to appear in your terminal.

[mis@adv examples1]$ g++ main.cpp -o myFirstProject
[mis@adv examples1]$ ./myFirstProject 
You've done it!

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